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  • Brainchild of Dustin Kirk, Contact is a web based contact management solution that allows anyone to manage tens to thousands of personal and professional contacts with ease. This means that whether you are at home, work, school or downtown, through the Internet you will have access to your valued contacts. Take a look at the great features currently implemented in Contact.

    Flexible Search
    Contact allows you to locate and retrieve contact information by searching all of a user's data. This means that no matter how many contacts you have, you will always be able to find whom you are thinking of.
  • Search all available contact information.
  • Use partial search terms of any kind.
  • Browse through returned results with ease.

    Keep track of who knows who with Contact's colleague management system. Simply add and remove contacts to groups, or identify relationships between various contacts in the system. Contact's flexible and automatic correlation system makes navigation through your contact's groups simple, yet powerful. This is a perfect tool to keep track of classmates, family, co-workers, other people's co-workers, etc…
  • Identify business and personal relationships between contacts.
  • Navigate through connected colleagues without ever doing a search.
  • Click the car icon to obtain driving directions between any two contacts.

    Take note of birthdays, family members, special events you attended with someone, additional links to websites, past residences, etc… It's your call with Contact's Note system. The next time you call a long lost acquaintance you'll know the last place you left off.

    Help visualize and identify your contacts with Contact's Icon system. Select from clipart icons already in the system or add your own. Even add pictures of your contacts to the system. Use the pictures and icons to enable fast browsing of search results.

    The internet has brought with it new ways of communicating. That is why Contact embraces these new methods and makes it easy to begin communicating with your contacts.
  • Create a new email to a group of colleagues with the click of a single button.
  • Start a new AIM conversation with a contact.

    Internet Resources & Tools
    Take advantage of the information age with its wealth of excellent resources and tools. Now easily search Google for related web documents to any contact. View maps, stock information, weather, traffic, and even find the nearest airport.

    (CC) Dustin Kirk. Some rights reserved.