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     The Compiling Song
- Dustin Kirk

I was using my pad in the middle of the day
just sitting here
waiting here
compliling my way

Time is passing by like an infinite loop
I gotta do this for my group

the file's Pro C as you can see
doing nothin'
going no where
compiling on my P C

My friends pass by and wave through the window
As I sit here
wait here
watchin' this go slow

It sits on a solaris
The sun it may be
not a light year away
yet lots of latency

Just one hour to go till my code is compiled
it's doing it's thing
just sitting here
waiting here

We be rippin some code
which is quite functional
except when compiling
its just not punctual!

As I sit here staring off into space
I think of the time
I've been sitting here
it is such a big waste

SQL is pretty groovy
Return a tuple
create a view
But I've been here so long, I've wrote a song for you

The program is here just plodding away
While I sit here
wait here
for the light of day

I see the curser
it stopped flashing green
the work is complete
with the results on the screen

Theres a bug in the code
my program fails right at the begin
it just sits there
waiting there
I have to compile again.
During a 12 hour programming stint with team members in my Database Systems class, I wrote this song.