Dantoy Design Challenge

For over 30 years Dantoy has been creating high quality and environmentally friendly children’s toys. Headquartered in Hobro, Germany, Dantoy is one of the largest manufacturers of indoor and outdoor plastic toys in Scandinavia and exports to over 35 countries.

Website: http://dantoy.dk/


Dantoy has a long history of creating high quality durable toys for children of all ages. One of their strongest product lines has been its sand and water toys. However increasing competition is flooding the market with cheaper lower quality toys reducing their market share and margins in the sand and water toy division. With a reputation for innovation and new product development, Dantoy is looking for a way to regain its lost market share while maintaining the high quality product standards the company has held onto for years.


Early ethnographic research revealed many opportunities for Dantoy. A trip to the beach armed with a camera in hand captured many of the idiosyncrasies and motions Dantoy’s customer base goes through. The research showed the following dissatisfactions:
      People forget toys when going to the beach
      Parents may not have enough toys
      Vacationers may not have brought toys
      Low quality toys break
Observations also revealed several characteristics that could provide opportunities
      Beach community allows for word of mouth marketing
      Interaction between kids creates desire over each other’s toys
      Beachgoers enjoy convenience


To combat lower priced, lower quality toys, and share with their customers the value of durability and high quality standards, Dantoy is thinking outside the sandbox. Applying a user-centered approach, a new business opportunity has been identified for beachside toy rentals.

Located in high traffic beach locations, Dantoy will offer customers an affordable way to experience their wide array of high quality and durable products.

Customers enjoy many of the following benefits:
      Travelers do not need to bring or buy toys when on vacation
      Locals will enjoy lighter packing… managing the kids is enough work
      Kids will no longer need to fight over the same toy
      Customers can try before they buy
      Forgotten items will not ruin a trip to the beach
In addition to the benefits to customers, Dantoy receives the following benefits:
      People may experience the quality for themselves
      Visibility among a highly targeted set of consumers
      Face to face interaction with their customers
      Opportunity to franchise
      Opportunity to communicate environmental benefits
      The business will work in harmony with current product lines
      Provides an outlet for building interest in new products
      Takes advantage of word of mouth marketing natural to a beach going crowd
      Creates room for growth through additional products