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An Introduction
Having participated in Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination for many years, I have grown to absolutely adore Duct Tape. You can do sooooo much with it and all it takes is some creativity and ingenuity. Below are a couple projects I've done involving Duct Tape. The first is the Duct Tape Wallet... I created my first duct-tape wallet 7 years ago. I am now on my 3rd revision. The Duct Tape Wallet tutorial below will show you how to construct a bi-fold wallet which is the 2nd generation design. Visit this site for a tri-fold wallet. Also for Halloween 2004 I created a Marvin the Martian Halloween costume and have placed the instructions below.

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Get Started
Duct Tape Wallet
These instructions will help you create your own duct tape wallet. Feel free to print these instructions and do what you wish. They are great for a classroom activity, arts & craft group, Boy scouts / Girl Scouts, and fund raisers. Duct Tape wallets make great Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, Father's Day gifts, or can be sold for some quick money.
  "I would like to say thanks for your web page showing how to make duct tape wallets. We were wanting to make them with our Logos youth group during recreation. Thank you for making a web page with the directions to do this. Sincerely, Kim Davis Secretary Mount Olive Presbyterian Church, Mount Olive North Carolina "
  "Hey man great site on the wallet... Keep up the good Work." - Chad Thomas
  "Thanks for the directions on how to make the entire wallet. One of my friends bought one for about 15 bucks, and now I have bragging rights!!! Heh thanks again." - Joses

Check It Out
Marvin the Martian Halloween Costume
This Marvin the Martian Halloween costume was created from primarily foam and green duct tape. It took myself 4 hours to put together.

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