Volcanic Action
April 10 2007 9:54 PM

This journal is getting little attention from me lately, and all of the main action is going on over at my Volcanic Blog. I haven't had time yet due to work and school to port the Volcanic Blog technology to my journal. The new system makes posting a lot faster and easier so when I get time in May, look forward to seeing a lot more updates here. More pics, videos, and possibly even some of my music.

  • Till then, check out the action at Volcanic Blog

  • Rich Web Media 1.0
    Feb 22 2007 09:51 PM

    The web is now at a point where every other startup business is providing a way to present and share rich media such as videos...

    ...in a small 320x240 pixel box.

    Ski trip pictures
    Feb 18 2007 10:58 PM

    HP Catamaran Outing Pics
    Feb 16 2007 8:27 PM

    Customer Service Done Right
    Feb 14 2007 6:54 PM

    This blog post of Saska's, details her customer service experience with Nintendo. It is truly amazing how far some personal attention and thoughtfulness will go. While every customer service department in every company has posted in their mission statement, some obligatory phrase to do this, kudos to Nintendo for being so awesome.

    Well done!

  • Customer Service done right by Nintendo

  • quote book entry
    Jan 29 2007 9:53 PM

    "Yeah, we will get to tangible, but it needs to be relevantly tangible and tangibly tangible."
    - Professor Bob Krull

    Volcanic Blog is here!
    Jan 07 2007 2:52 AM

    Volcanic Blog is launched! What has been under development for the past few months is now up and running. There are a few more enhancements left, but why wait. For the most part the blog will contain links to great videos online. In the near future I will be using the Volcanic Blog engine to run this journal as well. Check out the site and share it with your friends!

  • Volcanic Blog

    Re: New Site Design...
    I have shifted around my site a bit to acomodate the new blog and tie together my two websites www.dustinkirk.com and www.rpi-polymath.com. All HCI & professional content will eventually be moved to the dustinkirk.com website and all other items such as this journal and my 'neat links' are remaining on www.rpi-polymath.com.

  • Coming Soon - A New Blog!!!
    Jan 05 2007 10:28 PM

    Over the past 4 months in my spare time I have been designing and developing a new blogging tool for myself called Volcanic Blog. This is a result of being dissatisfied with the blogging tools available and needing more from the system I had previously created for myself. Since giving up TV nearly a year ago, I have become a hound for online video. I salivate for videos of interesting lectures, innovative technologies, educational material, and simply neat stuff that pushes myself and others to think about the world differently. I have developed Volcanic Blog as a tool to allow me to share the great things I find with little effort on my part, as well as to improve how the information is presented. The back-end has been completed and I will have the entire system up and running very soon.


    Jason on Collaboration
    Dec 18 2006 2:27 AM

    Jason Fried, one of 7 members of the 37Signals software company speaks in this video on collaboration. He stresses maintaining small teams, using passive means for collaboration, allowing 'alone-time' for people to work without interruption, make lots of very small decisions constantly, and to use meetings as a last resort to share information.

  • Jason Fried of 37 Signals speaks at Google in regards to collaboration ~23min

  • Gesture Interaction
    Nov 26 2006 9:26 PM

    Andy Wilson of Microsoft Research appears in a clip from the Scoble Show demonstrating an amazing gesture control system using a simple $30 web cam pointed toward the computer keyboard. Robert Scoble's entire visit to Microsoft Research is 50min long, and the last ~20 minutes of it are with Andy Wilson.

  • ScobleShow Website & Video

  • Andy Wilson's website

  • Kevin Kelly at TED
    Nov 20 2006 11:21 PM

    FTA: Kevin Kelly traces the remarkable similarities between the evolution of biology and technology, ultimately declaring technology the "7th kingdom of life." He poses an intriguing question: "What does technology want?" As we hurdle forward, evolving increasingly complex, biological and independent machines, how will it affect our humanity?

  • Kevin Kelly speaks on technology & evolution at TED ~20min

    Kevin is one of my favorite authors. His vision and insights are eye opening and he gets it long before anyone else does. I highly recommend his books "Out of Control" and "New Rules for the New Economy".

  • Kevin's Website

  • Interaction Design at HP
    Nov 20 2006 8:31 PM

    A few weeks ago, I accepted a new job with HP's software R&D unit in San Diego as an Interaction Designer. The past couple weeks have gone by really fast while preparing for the move and finally driving across the United States from Charleston, SC. Along the way I spent some time at the Grand Canyon in Arizona and in Las Vegas, Nevada. I arrived in San Diego this Saturday and began work today. It is exciting to be in a city again and the weather here is so beautiful. I'm looking forward to meeting up with other designers in the area and pushing the limits in software interface design.

    Future by Design
    Nov 09 2006 7:27 AM

    FTA: "Future by Design shares the life and far-reaching vision of Jacque Fresco, considered by many to be a modern day Da Vinci. Peer to Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, Jacque is a self-taught futurist who describes himself most often as a "generalist" or multi-disciplinarian -- a student of many inter-related fields. He is a prolific inventor, having spent his entire life (he is now 90 years old) conceiving of and devising inventions on various scales which entail the use of innovative technology. As a futurist, Jacque is not only a conceptualist and a theoretician, but he is also an engineer and a designer."

  • Future by Design Trailer with Jacque Fresco ~3min

  • Innovation at Philips
    Oct 10 2006 2:04 PM

  • Simplicity @ Philips

  • Monetary Driven Design
    Oct 08 2006 08:36 PM

    Choose your happiness!
    Sept 29 2006 8:20 PM

    Sociology professor Barry Schwartz speaks on how the paradox of choice and how lots of choice can lead to paralysis and unhappiness.

    When I was stuck at an airport not long ago I went to a Burger King located in the terminal. There on the counter was a menu of sorts showing all of the numbered meal items. There were at least eight on the list. Also on the menu was a little spinner, just like the one for playing the game twister. In an attempt to get people moving through the line more quickly, and reduce the paralysis produced by so many choices on the menu, BK created a tool for the person to make a random choice. While this is one method of making decisions easier, I am going to suggest an alternative solution to such a problem. That is to create a sensational aroma for one of the food items and ensure that anyone standing in line can enjoy it. The aroma of great BBQ for example will easily tip the scales between someone paralyzed by a choice between a hamburger, chicken salad, and BBQ. Not only does this influence the person to make a decision, it will influence a lot of people to make the same decision... even in a sea of possibilities. This method provides two bonuses over the spinner that produces random results. The first is that the people don't feel like they made a random choice If they don't like the choice, they could have just as easily gotten something else. (This is one problem pointed out by Barry) The second is that efficiency is created by fulfilling lots of orders for the same item.

  • Barry Schwartz speaks at TED on Choice - 20 min

    On a side note, here is a great clip from Ze Frank on happiness as it relates to choice.

  • Ze Frank's bit on happiness ~5min
  • Book referenced: Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert

  • Berkley on Google Video
    Sept 27 2006 2:19 PM

    UC Berkley is using Google Video to post it's lectures and courses online. I am really excited about this new resource. MIT and the University of Washington both post a great deal of videos online which I have really enjoyed.

  • UC Berkley on Google Video

  • University of Washington Television

  • MIT World

  • Search of a Future for Design
    Sept 26 2006 12:18 PM

    Bill Moggridge, co-founder of IDEO speaks at MIT in 2002 about Interaction Design.

  • Bill Moggridge: In Search of a Future for Design - 1 hr 14 min

  • The Long Tail of Flavor
    Sept 24 2006 10:39 AM

    Malcom Gladwell (author of the books The Tipping Point and Blink) provides a great anecdotal talk on how diversity in food products came about. Even food science has a long tail.

  • Malcom Gladwell speaks at TED

  • 2006 Ars Electronica Videos
    Sept 21 2006 11:49 PM

    Videos from the 2006 Ars Electronica conference have been made available online. This year's theme is on Simplicity. John Maeda, from the MIT Media Lab helps put this event together. His book the Ten Laws of Simplicity has recently come out. I'll post to a few select videos soon, but wanted to make the link available as there is a lot of content available and much of it is really interesting.

  • 2006 Ars Electronica Webcast Video Downloads

  • John Maeda - Laws of Simplicity blog

  • Internet Pop Culture
    Sept 19 2006 2:38 PM

    The following is a To-Do List for those who want to delve into internet pop-culture.

    1. Create a Myspace profile
    2. Create a blog on Blogger
    3. Upload a video on YouTube
    4. Digg a website
    5. Locate your home on Google Earth
    6. Make a list with Amazon Listmania
    7. Edit an article on Wikipedia
    8. Bookmark a website on del.icio.us
    9. Upload photos to Flickr & tagg them
    10. Subscribe to an RSS feed
    11. Search Technorati
    12. Define a new word on Urban Dictionary
    13. Publish a book on Lulu
    14. Download Firefox
    15. Create and share a Bit Torrent file

    Disclaimer: this list will be valid for about 3 months.

    Billington speaks on Structural Design
    Sept 17 2006 9:39 PM

    Inspired by Joshua Prince-Ramus, I am now seeking to satisfy my craving to study architecture. The following video is from a speaking event by David P. Billington, professor at Princeton for the opening of The Art of Structural Design: A Swiss Legacy exhibit at MIT.

    The lecture covers four Swiss engineers and a couple of their teachers: Robert Maillart, Othmar Ammann, Heinz Isler, and Christian Menn; as well as Wilhelm Ritter and Pierre Lardy

    Billington's speach doesn't start until 10 minutes in, The professor's descriptions of the architecture is excellent and the imagery is fantastic.

  • David P. Billington speaks on Swiss structural design in bridges - 1h 15min

  • Article & Photo Gallery

  • Problem Solving with David Deutsch
    Sept 16 2006 09:12 PM

    David Deutsch speaks at TED about the unique perspective physics adds to the perception of life, and why problem solving is hands down more important than problem prevention.

  • David Deutsch Speaks at TED - 20 min

  • Industrial Designed by Nature
    Sept 02 2006 11:21 PM

    Ross Lovegrove, a brilliant industrial designer draws inspiration from nature and utilizes the latest developments in materials science.

  • Ross Lovegrove speaks at TED - 20min

  • Contageous Behavior and Teaching Innovation
    Sept 02 2006 11:09 PM

    Here are two wonderful videos from the 2006 Stanford Summit...

  • Creating Contageous Behavior - 36 min

  • Teaching Innovation - 40 min

  • See full webcast archive here

  • Democratizing Innovation
    Aug 31 2006 11:39 PM

    Professor at MIT, Eric von Hippel speaks on Democratizing Innovation and how customer's creativity and inventiveness can be valuable to corporations and why such innovation shouldn't be suppressed.

  • Democratizing Innovation by Eric von Hippel - 1 hour

  • The Art of Engineering
    Aug 31 2006 10:28 PM

    This video of James Dyson, an incredible inventor speaks at MIT in regards to design and engineering.

  • The Art of Engineering by James Dyson - 1h 15min

  • Apple - Leopard OS Predictions
    July 29 2006 09:34 PM

    A fun and apparently very popular contest was recently held to design screenshots displaying new features to be released in Apples's upcoming operating system Leopard. The designers focused on what seemed to be small aspects of the operating system. For instance adding tabs, previews, etc... to applications such as Finder. Even some of the most "out-landish" ideas such as gesture, blowing, and motion recognition on the new macbook are now old-school.

    I believe the Leopard product management team can rest assured their jobs won't be outsourced to the public. I would have loved to see some major advancements designed as Apple is sure to do as they did with the introduction of the Dashboard in Tiger. With each new operating system release they have the ability not only to improve the existing OS tools, but also create new ones which affect the overall computing experience and the experience of activities which involve computers.

    Areas such as communication, efficiency tools, and entertainment are guaranteed to be touched upon.

    In the area of communication, social networking and collaboration is a particularly hot area. Better file sharing tools integrated with video conferencing and chat are abound. Mobile information was hot with Microsoft at E3 with the Xbox. Apple might be close by integrating with mobile phones (an area popular for speculation in regards to Apple's music plans).

    In the area of efficiency tools, Apple has previously released features such as spotlight, a desktop search tool. While desktop search will certainly garner some improvements, I predict most of their development time spent in this area to be on something different such as new file management techniques or hopefully new windowing views and effects. In either case, I'm going to raise the bar yet another notch, and say "It will take advantage of 3D!!!!". Why let those GPUs rest, when you can get efficiency and eye candy at the same time?

    I'm going to wager big on the area of entertainment. Steve Job's recognition of the arts as a classical and forever enduring medium has resulted in the investment into music with the iPod and iTunes. While paintings and books are in the same realm, they do not create the social potential Apple currently thrives on with music. So... with no further delay, I'm going to say GAMES, GAMES, GAMES. Apple's less than stellar track record with the game industry makes for a nice bruise that needs medication. The recent movement to the faster Intel chips now opens this area up. Apple will no doubt revel in the sales potential of games through their iTunes network and getting in a nice jab to the PC industry. So Games it is. The impact on the Leopard OS will likely be under-the-hood for the most part. But will no doubt be a very visible aspect in marketing.

    We will find out for sure at WWDC 2006 Aug 7th - 11th

    Segway meeting with Jobs & Bezos
    July 24 2006 9:30 AM

    Excerpt from Code Name Ginger by Steve Kemper.... The story behind Dean Kamen's Segway scooter, and his combustive meeting with the kingpins of Apple and Amazon.

    Having finally been able to ride one myself, I fully understand how remarkable the machine is.

  • read it here

  • Designing Individual Education
    July 20 2006 7:19 PM

    Dennis Littky, co-founder of Rhode Islandís Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center discusses their approach to creating schools that allow students to choose their own education path, even at very young ages.

  • Innovation in Education, one student at a time - 15 minutes

  • Game Design - Portals
    July 19 2006 11:27 PM

    Games are continuing to evolve, raising the bar on inventiveness and creating new challenges. One "newish" tool being incorporated is the idea of portals. Portals are designed to allow users to solve simple to very complex puzzles within games. Games using these puzzle techniques become far more credible as teaching tools.

  • Check out this portal demonstration video - 2 minutes

  • Hyper-Rational Design
    July 19 2006 6:34 PM

    Architect joshua Prince-Ramus speaks at TED regarding his REX's design process. Their projects include the Seattle Public Library, The Wyly Theater, and the Museum Plaza.

  • Joshua Prince-Ramus speaks on Hyper-Rational Design - 20 minutes

  • Designing Your Business
    July 19 2006 7:45 AM

  • Harry West of Design Continuum speaks on Design Strategy ~15 min

  • Design Thinking
    July 18 2006 8:23 PM

    June 2nd 2006 lecture by Tim Brown from IDEO at MIT Sloan School of Management.

  • Innovation Through Design Thinking - 57 minutes

  • Game Design Studies
    July 12 2006 6:24 PM

    This Summer I've been researching video game design and digging up all the information I can find on theory and the latest developments being made. The main reason fro studying the video game industry is its position on the cutting edge of technology and integration of story, creativity, art, and business. The industry is huge and all of the technologies and techniques used in the design of these games will filter into many other areas.

    Today I stumbled upon yet another great video in regards to the early history of video games. They've come a LONG way!

  • History of video games (46 minutes)

  • Improv Begins
    July 11 2006 9:19 PM

    This Summer I've been researching video game design and digging up all the information I can find on theory and the latest developments being made. The main reason fro studying the video game industry is its position on the cutting edge of technology and integration of story, creativity, art, and business. The industry is huge and all of the technologies and techniques used in the design of these games will filter into many other areas.

    Today I stumbled upon yet another great video in regards to the early history of video games. They've come a LONG way!

  • History of video games (46 minutes)

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