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Greetings Earthlings!

This Halloween I was invited to a party of one of my co-workers. Costumes weren't required, but everyone of course loves to see others dressed up in costumes. I wasn't going to let this opportunity go to waste. I've been involved in Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination for many years and had an urge to get creative this year with my costume. Most importantly I wanted to avoid using anything pre-fabricated.

The morning of the party, I got online and scoured the internet for ideas. I narrowed it down to cartoons, and for a bit was thinking of doing Fred Flinstone. I decided to continue looking and use it as a fall back because it would be extremely easy to do. It wasn't long afterwards that I thought of Marvin the Martian and started thinking of how I could design the costume. I realized that so long as I could make the helmet impressive, the rest of the costume would be pretty simple.

I drew out a sketch of Marvin, labeled the colors, and jotted down ideas of what I could use to make it out of and what things I already had. Then it was off to Wal-Mart. With sketch on hand, I picked up 2 rolls of green duct tape, a yellow mop sponge, some white gloves, black stockings and 8ft of foam.

When I got home I simply gathered up all my supplies at the house, (plastic bags, scissors, paper plates, etc...) and started to get to work. I looked around the house to find something I could use to model a helmet shape, but to no avail I decided to just hack it out. Trying it out with a piece of paper first, I made my cuts in the foam and got a good rough shape and started duct taping it together with a roll of grey duct tape I had at home. The shape came together pretty quickly and I used the tape to smooth out any bumps in the foam.

With the helmet shape set, I needed to make it so it would stay on my head. Using paper plates with holes cut out in the middle, I layered them with foam in between and taped them together so they filled the space between the top of the helmet and my head. I then taped a circle of foam around my head so it would fill the space between the sides of my head and the insides of the helmet. It worked out very well and was pretty solid. Next I covered the outside of the helmet with green duct tape. I cut up the black stalking and stapled it to the areas surrounding the eyes. That provided a way to give the black look while still see-through. I used some white plastic for the eyes and made sure it didn't block my vision. I also stapled the mop sponge to some cardboard and mounted it on the top of the helmet.

The rest of the costume was a snap. I cut out lots of foam pieces, covered them with duct tape and made loops so they would slide onto my belt. I took old white socks, put them over my shoes and used marker to draw red and black lines on them. I fashioned the ray gun out of a few sprite bottles I cut up and taped together.

With that my costume was complete. I used a black pair of slacks, a black long sleeve shirt, the white gloves and covered my neck and lower face with the rest of the black stockings.

The construction process took about 4 hours and was a big hit at the party.